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Department of Materials Science and Technology

Τίτλος σπουδών και Κατευθύνσεις
Degree in Materials Science and Technology
Διάρκεια και Διδακτικές Μονάδες
8 academic semesters (full time)
240 ECTS
Πρόσθετες Πληροφορίες
Γλώσσα Διδασκαλίας: Greek
Τρόπος Διδασκαλίας:
Κόστος: Free

Στοιχεία Επικοινωνίας

Secretariat telephone numbers:
Secretariat: 2810 394271
Undergraduate Studies: 2810 394270, 2810394462
Postgraduate Studies: 2810394272, 2810394293

Ταχυδρομική Διεύθυνση

Department of Materials Science and Technology, School of Sciences and Engineering, University of Crete, Heraklion Campus, Vasilika Vouton, 70013 Heraklion Crete

Πληροφορίες (Αντικείμενο - Σκοπός)

Materials Science is the understanding of the relationship between composition-structure -processing and properties of materials. Materials Technology is the specialized design, composition, control and modification of materials in order to satisfy the demands of the economy and society. Materials Science and Technology requires both an understanding of the basic science of the structural molecular units of matter as well as the engineering of their applications and is therefore quite a broad and interdisciplinary field. Scientists engaged worldwide in materials science-engineering-technology must have knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, chemical engineering, and other engineering disciplines.

In the private sector , our graduates are employed in R&D, Quality Control, Design, Procurement, and Project Management departments of companies such as Stryker-Goodyear, Medtronic, Merit Medical Systems, Henkel, Megaplast , as well as local start-ups such as Biomimetic and Biopix.

In the public sector , the professional rights of the graduates of the Department are listed in the Π.Δ. 45/2009 (Official Gazette 58/2-4-2009) . According to the Presidential Decree 85/2022 (Government Gazette 232/17-12-2022) , graduates of the Department are integrated in the Environmental ΠΕ Branch, in the Environmental ΠΕ specialty.

Graduates of the Department of Materials Science and Technology can also continue their studies in related postgraduate study programs of Univerities in Greece and abroad. The Department has developed a postgraduate program that leads to the acquisition of either a Master’s or a Doctorate (Ph.D.) Degree in the field of Materials Science and Technology. The  Department also participates in the inter-institutional postgraduate programs “Biomedical Engineering ” and “Nanotechnology for Energy Applications”.

Μαθήματα και Οδηγός Σπουδών

Information about the courses offered by the Department ican be found n the Course Catalog and the Study Guide .



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